miércoles, 24 de septiembre de 2008

Sé lo que haría si se me anuncia el fin del mundo en 10 minu

Maybe U did not noticed but
at least on my imagination you were mine

Y si bailabas totalmente desnuda mi amor ??

Y si bailabas cada noche hasta el día Tus pequeñas nalgas blancas?
sé lo que haría si se me anuncie el fin del mundo para en 10 minutos

Juste me régaler de ton joli petit cul

Look at that picture?....
I´m thinking about what you told..
but I do not have the attitude that you were always talking about
I know I´m too silly to be with U....

I Used to RuLE the WORLD

and that day when I crushed with the moon
nobody wanted to see me again
I turned up silly and stupid as U
and then....
maybe you can get your revenge

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Ludovico dijo...

que grande!! gran cancion!