lunes, 22 de septiembre de 2008

Eres como una biela heladita en el SOLAZO de VERANO

sOrry for say this too late,.....
but from the first time I saw U I fall in love with U
I was afraid always, you make me feel like
I´m young, and stupid AGAIN

Thank you for telling me the truth

I appreciate it very much!
sorry I can not tell you that I love you,
but I like you very much
you have always been a close friend for me.
i miss going for a walk with you & talking. I
t was always easy to talk to you, you always recommended me
something very smart!


to be continued....

2 comentarios:

mjormy dijo...

Qué buen piropo! jajaja, me he matado de risa

Silvi dijo...

someday i wanna be someone's cold beer under the burning sun :D